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DVD128 - Improbable Collapse

DVD128 - Improbable Collapse DVD

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  • Improbable Collapse is the first film to thoroughly review the evidence for WTC demolitions from a scientific perspective.
  • The original version of Improbable Collapse enjoyed a successful premiere on April 9th in New York City and follow-up showing at the Chicago 9/11 Revealing the Truth, Reclaiming Our Future conference in June. At both events, new images and interviews were acquired that greatly enhance the film. Most significantly, interviews with Glenn Corbett, Kevin Ryan and Steven E. Jones were added.
  • Kevin Ryan was dismissed from his executive position at Underwriters Laboratories in 2004, after the public release of a letter he wrote to Frank Gayle, a scientist in the World Trade Center fire investigation. Ryan asked Gayle to clarify the results of a UL fire test on behalf of the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST). In the test, steel structures similar to those used in the WTC were subjected to furnace fires for two hours at temperatures higher than those in the Twin Towers on September 11th. The steel withstood the test easily, and Ryan concluded this raised serious concerns about the NIST collapse hypothesis.
    This is the first interview Kevin Ryan has granted on film.
  • Glenn Corbett, a professor of fire science at John Jay College in New York, serves as a lead adviser to the Skyscraper Safety Campaign. He has been outspoken in criticizing the rapid scrapping of steel recovered from the Ground Zero site, and the resulting handicap to all investigations of the collapse mechanism. However, Corbett provides a balancing perspective with his strong support of the widely accepted hypothesis that the Twin Towers came down as the result of plane hits and damage from fire, and that WTC 7 fell due to damage caused by the fall of the other buildings and subsequent fire.
  • The film includes an exclusive interview with Steven Jones, a professor of physics at Brigham Young University. Jones argues that the mechanism of the building collapses proposed by US government investigators is extremely unlikely, hence the title of the film. His influential research paper is entitled "Why Indeed did the WTC Towers Collapse?"
  • Also featured:
      · Jim Hoffman, who pioneered research in the hypothesis that the WTC buildings were demolished, as the creator of three meticulous and sprawling sites, wtc7.net, 911review.com and 911research.wtc7.net.   · Don Paul, who along with Jim Hoffman, co-authored the book Waking Up From Our Nightmare: The 9/11/01 Crimes in New York City (available here)
      · Professor David Ray Griffin, who spoke to standing room only crowds in New York in October 2005 about "The Destruction of the World Trade Center". Other David Ray Griffin items that are available include:
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  • 60 minutes, plus extra chapters

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