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DVD89 - 9-11 Open Your Eyes:
The War On Terror Is A Lie

DVD89 - 9-11 Open Your Eyes: The War On Terror Is A Lie DVD

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  • Recognition of treachery induces consciousness (notes Julian Jaynes), and a vital event in the modern history of awakening consciousness took place in Toronto, Canada May 25-30, 2004. It was the 2nd International Citizens Inquiry into 9-11. A group of Toronto citizens coalesced as Skeptics Inquiry For Truth (SIFT) to host a 5-day event to understand and expose not only the 9-11 conspiracy orchestrated by those in control of the White House but also the subsequent "war on terror" hoax for which 9-11 was the pretext.
  • The Inquiry featured over 50 speakers. This DVD is a quick sample of the talks and interviews, drawn from over 60 hours of video (Inquiry video as well as Snowshoefilms footage) from some of the speakers (in order of first appearance): A.K. Dewdney, Michel Chossudovsky, Ellen Mariani, Nick Levis, Thomas Kimmel, John McMurtry, Col. Robert Bowman, John Valleau, Michael Dietrick, Jamie Hecht, Ralph Schoenman, Kyle Hence, Jim Hoffman, Paul Thompson, Barrie Zwicker, Joyce Lynn, Bruce Gagnon, Rocco Galati, Phil Berg, Richard Sanders, Ian Woods, Michael Ruppert, Webster Tarpley, Ken Jenkins, Mathias Broeckers, Carol Brouillet, Jeremy Wright, John Gray and Bill Douglas.
  • The musician and poet with his song and drum provides the film’s title: "9-11, open your eyes; 9-11, look through the lies; the war on terror is a lie."
  • 57 minutes

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