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DVD85 - 9/11 Revisited: Scientific & Ethical Questions

DVD85 - 9/11 Revisited: Scientific & Ethical Questions DVD

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  • 9/11 Revisited: Scientific and Ethical Questions is the video of a lecture given by Steven E. Jones at Utah State Valley College on February 1, 2006. At this very conservative college campus, Steven E. Jones, a pious professor from the Mormon Church-owned Brigham Young University, calmly, gently, gave a simple physics lesson on the collapse of the World Trade Center buildings, the implications of which awed the audience with a sense of world-historical significance.
  • The auditorium and seven over-flow rooms were filled beyond capacity to hear the speech.
  • Dr. Jones argues that the physics behind the governmentís explanation of the collapse of the Twin Towers on September 11 do not make sense, and that a better (and perhaps only) explanation for their collapse was that they were demolished, exactly the way structural engineers bring down large buildings, by pre-positioned explosive devices set off in precise sequences. He argues that the 650 degree Celsius temperature of burning jet fuel would not have been hot enough to even bend the steel girders of the WTC Towers, let alone to melt or evaporate them, as recovered beams indicate. And even if it was hot enough to evaporate the steel, the towers should not have collapsed as they did, pancaking so perfectly into their own footprints. On the rare times when such structures have failed (always due to earthquakes), they have toppled over sideways.
  • If Dr. Jonesís work ever breaks into the mainstream media, and the rest of the country reacts the way the Utah County audience reacted, traditional political divisions will evaporate like steel beams exploded with thermite, and the whole lot of them, the Democrats and the Republicans, will be swept away, along with the military-industrial complex that has apparently managed to subvert the constitution of these United States and to con the American public, mesmerized by the shock of 9/11 and hypnotized by spell-binding incantations of freedom and patriotism, into going along with their mad plans for world domination.
  • Approximately two hours

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