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DVD58 - Matt Simmons: Energy Banker

DVD58 - Matt Simmons: Energy Banker DVD

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  • Global Public Media's DVD of Matt Simmons contains four hours of engaging and extremely candid video footage, including Simmons' seminal presentation at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) in February 2004 that sparked international concern about Saudi oil capacity.
  • This film documents the heated controversy over Saudi claims to be able to increase oil extraction to meet growing worldwide demand. Matt Simmons, chairman of the world's largest private energy investment banking firm, has conducted an exhaustive analysis of reports on Saudi oil fields that suggests that their crude is nearing its limits. This is a presentation of historic significance.
  • The collection also includes four interviews with Matt Simmons tracking the development of his thoughts both on Saudi oil problems and global oil and gas depletion.
  • Simmon's painstaking assessment of the oil reserves of Saudi Arabia, the largest in the world, is provoking intense worry among business and government leaders around the world. If he's right, the Middle East is no longer capable of increasing production at will either to stabilize prices or to make up for sudden shortfalls from other producing nations. -Richard Heinberg, author of Powerdown and The Party's Over

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