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DVD158 - Transforming Energy:
What Is Our Future After Oil?

DVD158 - Transforming Energy:
What Is Our Future After Oil? DVD

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  • The solutions to global warming and our diminishing oil supply will not come from some magical technological fix, but from what is now a plentiful, renewable and powerful resource- the passion, ingenuity and commitment of extraordinary people. This is the story of some of those people- engineers, entrepreneurs, visionaries, scientists and students- whose hard work, creativity and commitment are already transforming our world.
  • Transforming Energy is a documentary about the hope of Alternative Energy as a solution to the problems of Global Warming and the end of cheap oil and gas. It takes us into the lives, the passion, the commitment and the hard work of the people who are on the ground now, working to create a new energy paradigm, from political activist Matt Baker of Environment Colorado to Dan Shugar, president of the largest solar panel company in the world- to the student engineers racing their own designed solar cars- to a family living off the grid in rural Iowa. These stories take on an added significance as the film also goes to Alaska to document the experiences of Native Alaskans who must evacuate their village near the Bering Sea because of the effects of Global Warming. The film features interviews with Hunter Lovins, William McDonough, Jeremy Rifkin and James Howard Kunstler who provide inventive new ideas in the debate about the possible solutions to challenges we now face.
  • "Transforming Energy is an out of the box film of the important issues of climate change and the end of oil. It is at the same time inspiring, informative and alarming. It is a call to action with the hope of the solution in the amazing characters who we get to see changing the world. This is a must see film for anyone who cares or worries about our future after fossil fuels." -Mark Harris, Two time Academy Award Winner for Best Documentary, Professor and former Chair of the Film Department at USC.
  • "Transforming Energy provokes critical thought and encourages action on the part of the individual. After seeing the film my CU students have asked me how they can play a bigger role in positive global change. This young generation is ready to move and Chuck's film shows them a world of ideas for finding a voice in environmental change." -Julee Herdt, Architect/Associate Professor, University of Colorado Boulder

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